Solar Eclipse throws Shade on ‘MERIKA

Hope your solar eclipse experience isn’t overshadowed by the latest display and media coverage of, mental illness (take your pick and add on: centuries & generational hate, white supremacy, nuclear trigger-happy heads of state, domestic and international terrorism, genocide, domestic and international oppression, and the #WTF cast in our nation’s capital).

Hope you entertain the idea that the eclipse’s cosmic energy may very well support humanity’s continued transition toward a higher consciousness of what it means to be connected; and that no one is free unless we’re all free.

The collective pushback against what went down in Charlottesville, VA gives me hope as do organizations, groups, and individuals who understand that BLM’s clarion call reverberates through so many interconnected issues/happenings (take your pick and add on: school-to-prison pipeline, institutional racism, individual prejudice, systemic militaristic law enforcement, white privilege, black-on-black crime, the rise in Black Americans honoring and telling truths about the history of their enslaved ancestors).

Humanity is in a deep pathos of growing up and acknowledging the profound layers of racial hatred. How you show up is important. Take in today’s cosmic show and shadowy rays and let it penetrate your heart’s desire to activate for equality for all earthlings.

As for me, in an hour, I’ll be on the back lawn, meditating in the 83% shadow path of the eclipse, scheduled for 1:06 p.m.

Last night I jotted down ‘life’ intentions in my journal, imagining the earth, sun, and moon in their revolutions to yield today’s solar eclipse. Today’s alignment is my reminder to continually go within, to the darkness of eyes closed and the inner eye of what is, to bring forth the light of being.

This time last year I was on my second pilgrimage to the east coast to posthumously welcome and honor America’s first Africans – those 400,000 or so, who arrived on these shores direct from West Africa (majority) or the Caribbean, over three centuries. So far, I’ve journeyed to 19 of 48 documented transatlantic slave trade ports.

Here’s one of many intentions I scribbled in my journal, on the eve of this eclipse: “May my sojourn join all other efforts to end racial hatred.” And so it is. Ashe.


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