March 25 is Intl Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery & Transatlantic Slave Trade (16th – 19th Centuries)


“Ancestors, on this day, and every day, I am grateful for your survival. May each of your spirits, and the spirits of those whose bones lay in murky depths of the Atlantic, rise up, rise up, rise up to meet and guide us, your descendants in the here and now moment. We love you. You are not forgotten.”




“On my pilgrimage to posthumously welcome America’s first Africans, I’ve had “nigger” yelled my way, danced with a Yoruba priestess, and built an imaginary wall to distance an imbecile’s spewing of ‘alternative facts’.  Incredibly, I’ve been gifted insights, most of which are still manifesting. But this much is clear: Ancestors of the Middle Passage and their enslaved descendants want to be acknowledged, especially by their 21rst century descendants. They don’t care that their names have been eradicated from records. They don’t care that their sweat, blood, and tears have dripped into the earth.  They care about Continue reading